Daily Ritual

The Daily Ritual was one of a series of cultic rituals performed for the statue of the god by temple priests each day. Performed in the morning after the first light of dawn, it was complemented by similar but more abbreviated rituals in the afternoon and evening. The Egyptians believed that the gods themselves had established the correct form of the rituals, and along with the celebration of annual festivals, these acts were considered imperative for securing the continuing beneficence of the divinities.

The resources in this section describe the various rites of the Daily Ritual, illustrated by scenes that are part of the decorative program at Karnak and other Egyptian sites.

Available Resources

Guide (PDF format) – This document guides you through the videos in this section

Discussion of the Individual Rites – This video introduces the viewer to the “Daily Ritual” at Karnak, a series of cult rituals performed at the temple each morning. A number of the rituals were depicted in the great Hypostyle Hall of the temple. 4min 22sec.