External Resources

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology

The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology is an on-line encyclopedia with articles about all aspects of ancient Egyptian culture. The knowledge of Egyptologists, archaeologists, linguists, geologists, and all other professionals who are involved in research related to Ancient Egypt reflect the interdisciplinary approach that is needed to make sense of such a wealth of information. The peer-reviewed articles of the UEE are written by the world’s leading scholars. A number of these articles focus on the site of Karnak.

The Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project

Karnak’s Great Hypostyle Hall Project is a site dedicated solely to the history, excavation and preservation of the Hypostyle Hall. The site includes a basic description and short summary of the hall, as well as details about past and present excavation and epigraphic work within the hall. The page also includes a discussion of reliefs and inscriptions.

Hopkins in Egypt Today

Hopkins in Egypt Today details the field work carried out by Johns Hopkins University at the Mut Precinct from 2001 onwards. Each day’s excavations are listed separately, and daily entries include photographs and a short explanations of the activity being performed. This archive showcases how archaeological work is executed and the problem-solving that takes place each day in the field.

Centre Franco-Égyptien d’étude des temples de Karnak

The CFEETK website reports the results of the joint French and Egyptian mission at Karnak’s Amun temple precinct. The site is a great place to find out about the most recent archaeological work at Karnak today. The site also contains historical information on the excavation of Karnak as well as a bibliography which includes films. The site is aimed at scholars and students. The CFEETK website is in French. Many of the articles from the excellent Cahiers de Karnak series are available as PDFs.


Brooklyn Museum: Mut Precinct

The Brooklyn Museum site showcases its archaeological investigation into the Mut temple precinct, located in south Karnak. The website includes historic maps and imagery of the Mut precinct, information about the goddess Mut and her temple, and a history of excavations.

Karnak Cachette Database

The French Institute of Oriental Archaeology (IFAO) has compiled a database of the statuary found by Georges Legrain in 1903-1907 in front of Karnak’s seventh pylon. This resource includes photographs of the objects, as well as descriptive and bibliographic information on each object (when available). The site is available in French and English.


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