Animations of the Temple Model

The Digital Karnak Project aims to make the site of Karnak more accessible to students and instructors. As part of this goal, a three-dimensional computer model of the temple was constructed, offering students a completely new way to view the temple. The short animated videos in this section were created from the computer model to provide compelling imagery for classroom discussions.

Available Resources

Phase-by-Phase: Southeast – The chronological development of Karnak as seen from the southeast. 3min 17sec.

Phase-by-Phase: Northeast – The chronological development of Karnak as seen from the northeast. 3min 17sec.

Phase-by-Phase: Northwest – The chronological development of Karnak as seen from the northwest. 3min 17sec.

Phase-by-Phase: Southwest – The chronological development of Karnak as seen from the southwest. 3min 17sec.

Phase-by-Phase: Plan View – The chronological development of Karnak as seen in plan view. 3min 17sec.

Temple Fly-Around: General – This animation shows a general overview starting from the east gate and going to Pylon VII. 0min 50sec.

Temple Fly-Around: Sacred Lake – This animation navigates the viewer from eastern Karnak across the sacred lake to the Thutmose III shrine. 0min 47sec.

Temple Fly-Around: Thutmose IV – This animation showcases the Thutmose II ‘Festival Court’ during the reign of Thutmose IV. 1min 10sec.

Temple Fly-Around: Greco-Roman Period – This animation gives a general overview of the Amun complex during the Greco-Roman period. 1min 7sec.

Temple Walk-Through: Western Processional Route – This animation takes the viewer into the temple via the western gateway all the way to the central bark shrine. 1min 35sec.

Temple Fly-Through: Southern Processional Way – This animation shows the return along the southern processional route and ends at the sacred lake. 1min 9sec.

Temple Fly-Through: First Court – This animation flies into the Shoshenq I court via the 1st pylon to look around. 0min 43sec.

Hypostyle Hall & Clerestory Lighting – This animation gives an impression of the hypostyle hall as it would have looked at the end of the New Kingdom. 0min 39sec.

Osiris Catacombs – This animation takes the viewer inside the catacombs for a closer look. 0min 52sec.

Pylon Detail – This animation looks closely at the torus molding and cavetto cornice. 0min 40sec.

Semitic Museum Relief – An animation showing the original location of a relief panel housed at the Harvard Semitic Museum. 1min 20sec.

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