Striding Colossi of Thutmose III

Describes the following features:
  • 7th Pylon

  • Associated with the following rulers:
  • Thutmose III

  • Deals with the following topics:
  • Statuary and Stelae

  • Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

    Description: This idealized statue of Thutmose III portrays the king as an active pharaoh, striding forward, his arms pressed loosely against his side. The king once held objects in both hands, now broken off. He wears the shendyt kilt, a “false beard” (now broken off), a ureaus and the “double crown.” An identical statue stands on the other side of the gateway. Ramesses IV (1153-1147) later usurped these statues, adding his own names.

    Provenance: North side of Pylon 7
    Person: Thutmose III
    Date: Dynasty 18, New Kingdom (1479-1425 BCE)
    Material: Red granite
    Functional Comments:
    Dimensions: Unknown
    Current Location: In situ at Karnak Temple


    Porter, B. and R. Moss (1929). Topographical bibliography of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, reliefs, and paintings: The Theban temples. Vol. II. Oxford, Clarendon Press. pp. 53-54.

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