Southern Processional Gateway

Related Features

Originally built by Ramesses IX – 1126 BCE to 1108 BCE

Other works initiated by Ramesses IX:

Southern Processional Gateway


The gateway was located between the third and fourth pylons, along the main temple’s southern wall. It marked the entrance to the southern processional route, defined by the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth pylons.
Measurements: The reconstructed height of the gate is estimated to have been 7.5m high. The gate’s doorway was 3.75m wide and the width of the entire gate measured some 21m.

Phases of Construction

Ramesses IX

Ramesses IX added a new gateway to the court of the third pylon as an elaboration of the southern processional entrance to the temple. The gateway’s entire southern (exterior) side, as well as the door’s thickness and interior (northern) jambs, were originally covered with texts and scenes in sunk relief. Those on the northern side of the door are no longer preserved.

The gateway’s decorative program emphasizes imagery tied to the Theban festivals. This is appropriate, as the barks of the gods Mut and Khonsu would have passed through the gate on their way to or from the Hypostyle Hall during their journey in or out of the temple.

Construction materials: sandstone

About the reconstruction model of Ramesses IX

The reconstruction of the gate was based on the drawings of Amer (1999: pl. 1b, pl. 18).

A simple sandstone pattern was added to the model, approximating the size of the blocks as seen at Karnak today. The inscribed scenes on the gate’s southern façade were not added to the model.

Modern Site Photos


Amer, Amin. (1999),The gateway of Ramesses IX in the temple of Amun at Karnak. Warminster: Aris & Phillips

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