Ramesses III Temple

Related Features

Originally built by Ramesses III – 1184 BCE to 1153 BCE

Other works initiated by Ramesses III:

Ramesses III Temple, Khonsu Temple


Ramesses III constructed a new bark shrine south of the second pylon, enclosed by the later Shoshenq I court. The bark shrine was fronted by a small pylon inscribed with scenes of the king smiting his enemies. The pylon had a granite gateway and lacked flagstaffs. Sixteen engaged statues of Ramesses III adorned the pillars of the first court of the temple. The court led to a small vestibule and a hypostyle hall. The “holy of holies” in the temple was replaced with three bark shrines, used to house the barks of the gods Amun, Mut and Khonsu.
Measurements: The temple measured 27.5m across, 60.5m deep and 14m high. The hypostyle hall measured 21.25m across and 9m deep.

Phases of Construction

Ramesses III

Ramesses III built a new bark shrine to house the sacred barks of the gods on their festival day journeys. The temple was located perpendicular to the traditional east/west processional path leading from the temple’s western gate to the Nile.

Construction materials: sandstone, red granite

About the reconstruction model of Ramesses III

The model of the temple was based on the map of Carlotti (1995: pl. IV). The design of the columns was based on the axial drawings of Carlotti (1995: pl. XXVIIa).

Photographs of the north face of the temple’s pylon entrance were placed directly onto the model. Due to the complexity of modeling statuary, the engaged statues of the king on the pillars in the first court were not included.


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