Other Processional Ways

Related Features

Originally built by Tutankhamen – 1336 BCE to 1327 BCE

Modified by Nectanebo I – 380 BCE to 362 BCE

Other works initiated by Tutankhamen:

Other Processional Ways

Other works initiated by Nectanebo I:

1st Pylon, Contra Temple, Opet Temple, Shoshenq I Court, Enclosures and Gates, Bab el Amara Gate, Other Processional Ways


The southern processional route leads both to the Mut and Luxor temples.

Phases of Construction


To the south, along the temple’s processional to the Mut temple, he added two lines of ram-headed sphinx statues. Study of the sphinxes suggests that they originally depicted Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and that the heads were removed and replaced with the image of a ram (the animal associated with the god Amun). The human-headed sphinxes likely adorned the temples in east Karnak, and were moved and altered by Tutankhamen as part of his religious restoration projects.

Nectanebo I

The entire two-kilometer processional route between Karnak and Luxor Temple was lined with approximately 700 sandstone human-headed sphinxes.

Construction materials: sandstone

Modern Site Photos


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