Obelisks of Festival Hall West Pair


This pair of obelisks was located in the “festival court” of Thutmose II.
Measurements: The obelisks measured 27-28m in height, not including the base.

Phases of Construction


Thutmose II commissioned two obelisks for his newly constructed “festival hall,” to be placed just west of the standing obelisks of Thutmose I. The king died before workmen finished quarrying these obelisks. Queen Hatshepsut, the king’s wife, ordered that these be brought to Karnak and placed them in their intended spot.

Construction materials: rose granite

About the reconstruction model of Hatshepsut

Destruction: Amenhotep III

As part of his restructuring of the western entrance to the temple, Amenhotep III disassembled the pylon and “festival hall” of Thutmose II and erected a new pylon, the third. The placement of this pylon (slightly east of the earlier Thutmose II pylon) necessitated the removal of the western-most pair of obelisks in the hall. Their bases were enclosed within pylon III.


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