8th Pylon


The eighth pylon was located along the southern processional route, south of the seventh pylon and north of the ninth pylon.
Measurements: Pylon VIII measured 21m high. It was 47.7m in length and 9.3m in width.

Phases of Construction


Hatshepsut’s eighth pylon was the first of the still remaining pylons added to the temple’s southern processional route. It may have replaced a mud brick pylon that once stood on the same spot. While it served as the southern entrance, statues of Thutmose II, Amenhotep I with Ahmose-Nefertari, and Amenhotep II were erected along its southern face.

The original decoration of the queen is now mostly lost, as it was subject to a series of later recarvings by Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, Tutankhamen, and Sety I.

The south face now shows Amenhotep II smiting Egypt’s enemies, while the north face depicts the king interacting with the gods and a procession of the sacred bark (possibly during the Opet Festival).

Construction materials: sandstone

About the reconstruction model of Hatshepsut

The model of the pylon was based on the plan by Carlotti (1995: pl. XXIII).

Images taken at Karnak of the relief scenes on the pylon’s northern side was added to the model. These scenes were blended into a simple sandstone pattern.

Large wooden flagstaffs have been added to the pylon towers. These would have been topped with colorful cloth banners. The tall poles stood on stone bases, and were arranged within square notches left in the pylon’s exterior masonry. Clamps secured to the pylon itself (not shown on the model) further stabilized their upper portions. The form and size of the flagstaffs were based on representations of these features found at temples and tombs. These show the poles as reaching above the height of the pylon and tapering as they rise (Azim and Traunecker (1982: fig. 4).

Modern Site Photos


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