4th Pylon and Enclosure

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Originally built by Thutmose I – 1504 BCE to 1492 BCE

Other works initiated by Thutmose I:

5th Pylon and Court, Obelisks of Festival Hall East Pair, 4th Pylon and Enclosure, Wadjet Hall


The fourth pylon formed the west side of the Wadjet Hall and the east side of the “festival court” of Thutmose II. The enclosure wall connected to this pylon encircled the early 18th Dynasty temple of the time. A limestone casing covered the pylon’s interior sandstone core.
Measurements: The pylon stood 23.50m tall with a total width of 62.6 m and a depth of 10.5m.

Phases of Construction

Thutmose I

The entire western façade of the third pylon was covered with a stone lining when Sety I constructed his new Hypostyle Hall between the second and third pylons. As well, the scenes of Akhenaten on the northern part of the vestibule were disguised by a covering of stone. The Akhenaten wall has been reconstructed and placed in Karnak’s Open Air Museum.

About the reconstruction model of Thutmose I

The model of the fourth pylon was based on the plan of the monument by Carlotti (1995: pl. XX) and the axial drawing by Gabolde (1993: V-VII). The location and thickness of the enclosure wall was based on the published plan of the temple by Carlotti (2001: pl. 1).

A simple stone pattern approximating the general size of the actual blocks was used on the model. The limestone casing on the fourth pylon was not specifically represented.

Large wooden flagstaffs have been added to the pylon towers. These would have been topped with colorful cloth banners. The tall poles stood on stone bases, and were arranged within square notches left in the pylon’s exterior masonry. Clamps secured to the pylon itself (not shown on the model) further stabilized their upper portions. The form and size of the flagstaffs were based on representations of these features found at temples and tombs. These show the poles as reaching above the height of the pylon and tapering as they rise (Azim and Traunecker (1982: fig. 4).

Modern Site Photos


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